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Open: every day from 6pm to 6am

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The inevitable ringmaster of the ruin pubs in Budapest. Stepping into Fogas you find yourself in the most magical garden in town where you will be fascinated by the eclectic design and the colourful light painting. It is a perfect spot for hanging out with friends for an evening chat or a party kickstarter. The garden is heated in the winter and cooled during hot summer days so it can host guests all year long. You can even enjoy a delicious pizza or a hamburger here.

Did you turn on your party mood? No need to take a ride! There is a vibrant dance floor connected to the garden where you can dance to top hits and have memorable times until the sun is coming up every day.

However FOGAS means much more than this! This place is an attractive party labyrinth, while roaming around you find yourself inside a circus tent, on a vivid airship or in the middle of an insane festival

Explore all diversed spaces of FOGAS!

Events at Fogas

february, 2024

Walk around Fogas in 3D

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