Instant Programs Guide 05.08-09

Thank god it’s finally May and the temperature is crawling upwards slowly but steadily to a tolerable level when a hoodie (or in case of the latter part of the week a trench coat) is enough for a night out to enjoy next week’s atmospheric musical pickings featuring a decent number of bands from the Hungarian underground scene. To prove we’re not only talking in vain, let’s check out what is about to happen beyond the walls of Instant. The mood is guaranteed to fly high at certain points after a gentle beginning.

Starting from the middle of the week, the acoustic adventure fades in by tender piano melodies from Hania Rani on 05.08. The Polish pianist, composer and musician now pauses constant travelling between Warsaw and Berlin for a little while to introduce her debut solo album, Esja around Europe. It is Rani’s first, real, personal statement as an artist, presenting her attitude towards the piano as an instrument and music itself through a series of enchanting melodic vignettes. The live show is undoubtedly set to create a harmonious, yet hypnotic atmosphere warming up with the experimental and improvisative side project of the Budapest based Iamyank, the Atreyu’s Horse duo. The latter illustrates its dream-like musical metaphors by the electronic sound effects of the modular synth faithfully embracing the sound of the piano and the cello. Gates are open from 19:30, the flight takes off at 20:00.

If one album debut wasn’t enough let’s have two at once on the very next day. On 05.09. slow and pleasant acoustic hip-hop and R’n’B occupies the stage from 20:00. Smart lyrics on the back of easy grooves gonna fill the air as the two youngster band Lépjünk a Holdra (21:00) and GranCanada (22:00) sound their instruments after each other to present their latest releases. GranCanada is a brand new kid on the block with its first session video published last December. Hip-hop accompanied by acoustic instruments in general is not something of a novelty in itself, however, GranCanada’s differentia specifica lies in preserving their songs absolutely faithful to their original genre without downgrading it to plain pop. We are pretty curious how it is done on their first EP, My favourite part. Lépjünk a Holdra has quite similar ars poetica. According to them “comprehensive anti-pop” is what characterizes their work since 2017 and this might be the only thing that doesn’t seem to change at all as the music produced by them is perpetually transforming but remains expressive without turning redundant. We can’t wait to examine their latest album, Monoton live. The concert tracklist is said to be tight and focused setting aside every time-filling action to save space for the essence.

These two bands are closely related not only because of the resembling musical direction but some of the members already have common history having played in the same formation once in a while. This habit doesn’t seem to wear off as the bands are planning to play together more in the future. We wish them all the best.