Instant Program Guide – 05.23–25

Melancholy. What comes into your mind when reading this word, melancholy? Lost loves? Slowly fading grievous memories? Hopelessness maybe? We truly hope these feelings mentioned are not very recently relevant in your life, dear potential Instant visitor. And yet, if they were, music is the remedy and you know it very well. For the rest of you: It is quite surprising how comforting it could be to slow down sometimes to cleanse your mind and soul as deep as the grooves let you.

Pop music is what mostly offered for all of you this week but actually in a way more alternative sense. All bands are Hungarian but don’t be afraid. On one hand, they also have many songs in English, on the other hand we, along with the featured musicians truly believe that excellent musical performance has no language barriers, not even when hearing Hungarian vocals either. Inward travel kickstarts with the powerful and heavy presence of Mayberian Sanskülotts on 05.23. The now six member band started out with solely two, Zita Csordás singing and Gallusz Balogh twanging the guitar. One year after realising the dream pop dream together the duo quickly manifested the alternative shoegaze fiction by 2011 in the form of Aloneinkápmegyer. By letting you know that “kápmegyer” is a slang for a panel block speckled suburb area in Northern Budapest, you might take a closer guess to the mood they represent in their slow and lyrics focused music sang low-key. Their latest release, Neverending Sorry rolled out in February this year and listening to the tracks the guys remained unmistakeable and absolutely faithful to their own basics. Representing the same, sometimes admittedly heartbreaking tonality, Cz.K. Sebő gonna take the initiative to set the mood with a single guitar to have you look inside yourself. Not everything should be happy. That’d be silly. Reliving the past occasionally may deliver a few hints what to do in the present and we strongly recommend to try.

On 05.24. you can take a deep breath and jump right into the eclectic-to-the-limits selection of music on the weekly recurring event, International Love Affair. Detroit garage rock along with Motown soul, Brit punk and New York disco is offered on the turntable by our DJs, Szabola, Fonetik and Matek with a bit of glam rock and pop music of the millennium. Looking for being continuously surprised? Check this one out definitely.

Care for a mouthful of Tej? 05.25 is the day when you might get some. Your eyes must have widened huge like what the heck is ‘tej’. It translates into ‘milk’ and has to do much with the philosophy the band turns towards producing and performing music. “Don’t drink it, listen to it.” Is a phrase Tomi Pálinkás (lead singer) and Ádám Fejős (drums) keep repeating from time to time. Tej defines itself playing subpop and if you come and listen to them playing you not gonna disagree. On their second album, Nemegyenlő (=Notequal) the band still insists to differ from the weary pop rock bullshit radios eager to thrust down every throat possible. ‘Hullaház’ is especially a track in which this statement is told through punky lyrics and guitar riffs, even the more gentle songs have at least something to distinguish themselves from their cheaper counterparts. Sorbonne Sexual will be the loyal fellow to accompany Tej to dance on the corpse of pop music which is quite a desirable act nowadays. Inspired by alcohol and cigarettes the alternative quartet keeps playing in an allegedly undefined genre slipping duality into the essentially consumable, yet intelligent, imaginative and often powerful tunes. Apparently, the gig gonna include some tracks from Kifutás (2017), so it’s undoubtedly worth joining them for a little swaying dance of decay.