About Instant-Fogas

In 2017, we were about to encounter major changes as the rental contract of the former home of Instant expired. It was unknown for a while what would happen next, but we assure you the results exceeded our wildest dreams, you have to come see it for yourself! The refurbished headquarter of Instant occupied the former building of Fogas Ház, and the two places are operating together now flawlessly as perfect complementary clubs. Our team was totally satisfied by the implementation of our plans and we guarantee you will not be disappointed either, just like the line of people queuing on Akácfa street to get inside. ’Okay that sounds great, but what exactly do I get to do once I’m in this ruin pub empire?’, you might ask. Let us give you a quick rundown of what we have to offer in our ruin club complex.

Liebling, our dearest unit, is the most peaceful corner of the whole establishment. It is open to the outside and can be entered from the street, too. We felt there is a huge demand for a place to set your mood for the night, so it is worth starting your evening with us. Quality spirits, vines, snacks and delicate courses accompanied by live music makes Liebling the best choice to kick-start a fun-filled evening. It is also one of the most suitable places to treat your loved one to an unforgettable rendez-vous.

The courtyard in the middle of Fogas welcomes you warmly and invites you to grab a drink at the bar to be prepared for the fun to come on the dance floor. But there is no need to hurry, take some time with your friends to relax and sit around our tables embraced by eclectic decoration and colorful visuals projected onto the trees and the walls found inside. Wandering around in the open area is also possible on cold winter nights as gas patio heaters keep you from freezing to be able to talk, chill or smoke a cigarette without having to walk outside the city street. Returning to the dancefloor you get to hear your favourite electronic dance music tracks or live concerts eventually.

Relocating Instant does not mean the mood or the music changed anyhow compared to the earlier version. Taking a left turn after entering Fogas leads you to the other flagship where the most popular grooves are regularly blasting through the speakers. Theme parties are also to be expected from time to time but you will not get bored on any other day with us. The mood is almost the same as before, so don’t forget to take a look upon the happy pixel-clouds above your head while kicking it to the top hits.

Unterwelt beneath has to give something similar. Insane party fever is fostered by international DJs playing everything that matters from R’n’B through the remixes of modern hits to video discos. Trust us, it’s all worth seeing.

Techno fans have their own little nest too. Lärm on the first floor of Fogas has become one of the most exclusive and well-respected underground (though above ground!) electronic music clubs in Budapest, sailing strong since 2014. Drilling bass, darkness and strictly the top performers from all around the world – this is what all you have to know before entering. As you walk across the corridors you get to enter the pitch black room where the show goes on, and on, and on… A top quality Martin Audio system is responsible for the excellent sound, and design is aligned to match the rather dark atmosphere of the featured music. It is all minimal.

Lärm is not the only chamber to introduce rhythms from the turntables. Frame, our exemplary pioneer was set up to host parties from the realm of broken beats and bass heavy underground rhythms. Alternative electronic genres like jungle, drum & bass, garage, dubstep, halftime or trap are on the menu and everything is served to smash your guts down in the basement. The sound here is also fine tuned by Martin Audio systems so there are no complaints to be had about the volume or clarity of sound. If you need some time off you won’t have to climb the stairs to sit and drink something, you can chill out locally back at the bar sheltered from the dancefloor.

Metalheads and rockers are not excluded either! Robot, one of our new subterranean units, is something cool from the old days in a brand new industrial, yet friendly outfit. The previous version of this place was founded by Hungarian rock musicians and its entire spirit reflects the same. Live concerts and carefully selected rock disco tracks tend to keep enthusiasts entertained in a wild but also brotherly manner. It is a sweet chaos altogether, especially on certain nights when guests and artists pour beers for each other behind the tap.